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acetone files

Acetone Files: Manicure Time! Adventure Time nail art - Finn

Acetone Files: Manicure Time! Adventure Time nail art - Finn

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Acetone Files

Adventure Time Nail Art: Finn

I realized I needed a spring green for some of the nails in my Finn manicure, so why not do it now while Coachella Dweller is already there and dry? I call this Color Blocking Finn, because I wanted to do the basic shapes and colors of Finn, simplified, along with the classic Finn head.

I failed miserably at doing Finn's head freehand, mostly because my bottle of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out, while pretty opaque, is old and getting gooey. So I made a stencil, painted the whole nail white, and painted on the green background in reverse. Then I used a large dotting tool to help me shape his face in Covergirl Forever Fawn, and doodled on the face with my black Migi pen. The downside to Migi is I haven't found a topcoat that won't smear it, so I did that part over my topcoat - I'll have to see if it chips off! The upside? Easy to use, like a squeeze pen, and dries LIKE THAT. Slammakow!

Anyway, even though it's old, dyes your finger blue, and a bit chalky, Sally Hansen Brisk Blue was the perfect shade of blue for Finn's shirt. Orly Coachella Dweller was great for half of Finn's backpack; the other half is Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, and I used some striping tape and a dotting tool. The darker blue for his pants is Rimmel 60 Second Blue Eyed Girl. I did a moon in White Out over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Heart for his shoe. There you go!

My biggest problem was actually the hat; I kinda need a new White Out, plus white just gets in all the cracks and crevasses, and is hard to get out. It will look a bit better when I've had the chance to peel off some of that crud around my cuticles - but I couldn't wait to post this!

More Mathematical Manis
I found so much cool Adventure Time nail art online that I want to share/shoutout some of my favorites!

[Le clicke]
Chalkboard Nails first got me wanting to do this months ago with her amazing multi-character manicure. Her brush control amazes me, and she got the colors absolutely perfect. Of course it helps when you have every polish ever made LOL. Sarah's nail art amazes and inspires me in general, so thanks go to her for peer pressuring me into doing this ;)

Another mani that first inspired me was on Base Coat Top Coat. The detail is fantastic and it's an original subject; I've only seen King Worm once, so I clearly have not seen that episode enough times to remember some of this stuff! But that episode rocked and so does this manicure.

Finally, this is my favorite Finn-featuring nail art this week is by Vanessa - I love the little portraits of Finn and Jake, plus the awesome block letters! She deserves props just for being able to paint that well on her opposite hand!

Gaze into the Future ...
Oh, this is just the beginning. I have a handful (pun totally intended) of Adventure Time manicures planned for the coming weeks.

Jake - I've finally located the perfect Jake color!
Tree Trunks with holo Crystal Gem Apple!
Lumpy Space Princess with actual lumps and metal stars!
An epic breakfast manicure in honor of Breakfast Princess!
My favorite guest star of Season 1 - I'll give you a hint, it involves white, grey, and hot pink!
... and more!

It's going to Blow. Your. Mindhole. In any case I will try to blow your mindhole to the best of my abilities. With my nails. (You know, taking these things further just makes them sound dirtier.)

Disclaimer: I didn't create Adventure Time or any of its characters and don't claim to own them. But that would be awesome. Pendleton Ward created Adventure Time and I bow to his infinite wisdom - I fanart cuz I love you, bro.
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